It takes two to tango...

Or good things come in pairs? We can think of puns all day to describe our amazing Duet Collections. Featuring highly rated, very rare wines (one white and one red) we hand-select these pieces to serve as cornerstones for your personal vault. 

Here is an example of a recently curated Duet collection: 

Chateau Margaux 2018 

The classic story of Château Margaux starts in the year 1500. Margaux is a region, by itself, inside a region inside a region… Don't worry, we'll explain. The region is Bordeaux, and inside of Bordeaux there is a microclimate region called Medoc, a huge piece of land but in the middle of Medoc, there is only one mound… and that’s the mound of Margaux. In 1500 there were no vines planted here but at the sight of this mound is where it all began. This mound was the only place in all of Medoc with incredible natural drainage for the water from the rain to go and the height that would give the vines unobstructed breeze. The chateaux has delivered 340, one hundred point wines and was the first to win the Cru Bourgeois and Premier Cru from Napoleon himself. This bottle is an “only auction” kind of wine and a favorite amongst Christie’s auction house goers. This bottle was rated 100 points by Wine Spectator, Wine Magazine, International Wine Report, among others. This perfectly round, balanced wine has a velvety, super elegant mouth feel. On first nose you will feel leather, cedar, cinnamon and on the palate, cherry, blackberry, prunes, an amazing top tone of almond and toast and finish with violet on both nose and palate. That is why it is  one of the best wines in the world.

Chateau Latour Vire Clesse 2020 

The nemesis… in this duo we wanted to portray the 2 very different and rival sides of Medoc. Made in Pauillac, the prime estate in Bordeaux, Chateau Latour's history begins in 1300. This precious wine was developed by Nicolas Alexandre de Segur, nicknamed the prince of vines by none other than Louis XIV. There were no preservation methods at the time so all the wine HAD to be consumed within the year. For this reason, the wine gained such a reputation that the wines the monarchs drank were Chateau Latour and Lafite. After seeing this competition, the family saw Lafite as a great alliance… so their kids married and created the biggest wine empire in the world. This bottle was rated 100 points by Vinous, Wine Advocate and James Suckling. This bottle landed at #6 in Wine Spectator's top 100 of all time, toppling the mythical 1947. Made only from old vines, at least 60 years old, you will find right away on the first nose ripe quince, and Granny Smith apple, but then on the mouth it changes from crisp to deep, you get white peach, yellow apple, hazelnut, almond and vanilla and at the finish the crisp comes back and you get hit with an amazing freshness and marigolds, it’s a rollercoaster.


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